A 3D Crystal Square Illuminates Your Memories
3D Laser Gifts

A 3D Crystal Square Illuminates Your Memories

A special photo can be converted into 3D Crystal Square that illuminates your cherished memories. It is a unique and innovative gift that makes any occasion special!

With the combination of textural quantification from standard petrography and high-resolution 3D data, modal variation curves for OPX, cumulate OPX, and CPX can be calculated. These reveal the original texture distribution within the rhythmic layer and provide insight into its subsequent development.

Photo Engraved

Photo engraving is a beautiful way to capture memories in crystal. It can be used to display any image or text that is meaningful. Engraving a photo into crystal is done using a process called subsurface laser engraving. This technique allows us to produce a detailed, three-dimensional design in the crystal award. It is so detailed that it is often indistinguishable from magic.

The photo engraving is made by plotting a specific coordinate in the crystal and then etching it with a powerful laser beam. Each laser point makes a tiny fracture in the crystal. By grouping together clusters of these etched points, the entire three-dimensional design is reproduced inside the crystal.

Engrave a special moment in the life of someone you love, and make them treasure this gift from heart for years to come. Personalized 3D crystal gifts are a great way to surprise loved ones with something that will stand out. You can even include a short message in the crystal for a unique, personalized touch.

LED Light Base

Illuminate your custom laser-engraved crystal with a light base. This must-have add-on enhances the details of your unique glass sculpture or memorial, bringing your memories to life and creating a stunning centerpiece for any home.

Featuring a sleek black finish and a flat mirrored top, this stylish light stand can hold your 3D photo crystal, awards, or memorial glass art. It has two settings: one with 15 extra bright white LED lights that stay on continuously, and the other with 11 color LED lights (blue, red, yellow, green, purple) that change slowly for a mesmerizing rainbow light show. It has an on/off switch and comes with a plush velour base for scratch protection and is gift boxed.

This octagon 6 1/2″ wide light stand is affordable heavy duty table centerpiece for your glass sculptures or memorial glass art. It has a clear octagon top with 25 super bright white LED lights that stay on and do not twinkle. It has an on/off switch and takes three AA batteries for days of continuous use or plugs into a standard AC 4.5 volt adapter.


A personalized photo crystal necklace is an incredible way to show your loved ones how much you care. It’s also a great gift for birthdays, weddings, or any other special occasion. Customization tools make it easy to create a one-of-a-kind pendant for someone special.

These stunning 2D engraved crystal picture pendants are the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Whether it’s for your wife, mom, or daughter, they are sure to love this beautiful keepsake.

This gorgeous photo crystal shows off the Eikon Shiva from FINAL FANTASY XVI, and makes an impressive statement piece for any desk or shelf. It’s the ideal way to display your favorite photos, and will be treasured for years to come.


The special people in your life deserve a gift that is just as special. That’s why we engrave your favorite photo into our crystal jewelry to make it a keepsake they can enjoy for years to come.

A perfect addition to your 3D crystal gift, add the LED Light Base to illuminate your laser-engraved image. This must-have accessory will give your crystal a stunning glow that catches the eye of anyone who sees it.

Tease your brain and delight your eyes with these fun Deluxe Horse Crystal shape innovative 3-D puzzles. These cool crystal puzzles feature interlocking, see-through crystalline pieces that give puzzling a whole new dimension.