Trendy Vapes Revolution: Beyond the Clouds
Trendy Vapes Vapes

Trendy Vapes Revolution: Beyond the Clouds

A wide variety of Trendy Vapes devices are available to suit every type of user. From large mods that take 21700 batteries to small pod vapes, these brands have something for everyone.

Many students are getting their hands on JUUL and other electronic cigarettes. Some use them to smoke nicotine, but others are using them to smoke marijuana or other drugs.

Zovoo Dragbar B5000

ZOVOO is new to the scene, but they’re coming out swinging with some CRAZY devices! One of those devices is the Dragbar B5000, a small box style device with 13ml of juice and a built-in 500mAh battery. The Dragbar has a smooth MTL draw and some exceptional flavors.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Dragbar is how small it is! It’s a great size for vaping on the go and is easy to hide. The symmetrical box structure is also well-designed. The mouthpiece is clear and fits your lips perfectly for a better vaping experience.

There’s no adjustable airflow on this device, but that’s not really needed. The draw is perfect and there’s no dry hits at all. It comes in a variety of colors and is a great addition to any vaper’s collection!

Dinner Lady E-Pen

The Dinner Lady disposable vape features a sleek, compact design that makes it easy to use. Its battery is rechargeable and it can last for hundreds of puffs. The device also has a light that flashes when the battery is low.

The device comes prefilled with premium Dinner Lady e-liquid flavours, including the award-winning Lemon Tart. It has a deluxe yet compact metallic aluminium shell and a stylish finish that looks beautiful in your hand.

Blueberry Ice is a minty flavour that mixes sweet blueberries with cool menthol. The result is a smooth taste that will refresh your taste buds. Another popular option is Mango Ice, a tropical fruit nic salt that delivers a satisfying throat hit. This juice is perfect for vapers who missed the Juul Mango.

iClear S600

The iClear S600 is a slim, lightweight vaporiser that uses simple organic cotton wicks. The device has an integrated 350 mAh battery and comes pre-filled with 1.5 milligrams of nicotine, enough for about 400 puffs. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and fits easily in a pocket.

It’s also very user-friendly and doesn’t require any maintenance or charging. It’s activated by bringing it to your lips and inhaling, and it switches off automatically after a short time of inactivity. The device is available in a range of fruit, creamy, and beverage flavors with a 5% nicotine salt content. There’s no tobacco flavor, however. The iClear S600 is available in 14 different colors. The mouthpiece is designed to be comfortable in the hand and can accommodate any size of mouth.

iClear S800

This is a simple clearomizer that works well for those who want to switch to vaping from tobacco cigarettes. It has a small, cylindrical design that makes it easy to stow in a pocket or bag. It is also lightweight and comes in bright shades that match up with specific flavors, so it’s easy to tell different devices apart if you carry several on a night out.

These disposable vapes are designed to be user-friendly and require no maintenance, so they’re perfect for newcomers or casual vapers. They’re also a great choice for smokers who want to quit smoking and try out an alternative that’s less harmful to the environment. Unlike traditional e-cigarettes, these disposable vapes don’t contain nicotine, so they’re not addictive. They’re also easier to use than traditional vaporizers, which can be complicated to learn.

iClear S1000

The iClear S1000 uses a mesh coil for intense flavor and vapor production. Its compact, leak-free design is a great choice for those who are on the go. Its 350 mAh battery is pre-filled with 1.5 milligrams of nicotine and can last for about 400 puffs.

The device comes in a variety of flavors. Its selection is skewed towards younger taste buds and includes fruity combos such as watermelon lychee, kiwi passionfruit guava, strawberry ice cream, and pineapple grape. However, it does not offer tobacco or menthol flavor options, which could be a turnoff for those transitioning from cigarettes.

Unlike other cartridge-based vaporisers, which require sealed factory-filled pods that you throw away when empty, this one uses refillable magnetic 2ml pods. This opens up a whole world of flavours and VG/PG combinations that would be impossible with conventional sealed cartridge-based devices.